The Rona Wellness Bundle

The Rona Wellness Bundle

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After recently coming down with the virus myself, I thought I'd add a good kit to either keep it at bay for those with very public jobs trying to avoid getting it, or to keep your immune system pumping through the worst of it, or as a gift to someone you might SO generously have shared the illness with (yikes).

Zinc and Liposomal Vitamin C are great immune boosters and the formula from Cymbiotika guarantees maximum absorption from the best natural ingredients. 

"Heal" shower steamers are great to breathe in a steamy shower with top quality essential oils of Lavender, Eucalyptus and Tea tree. These are respiratory luxury when you're feeling sick.

Pine Needle Elixir includes moringa oil and the elixir is great for antibacterial properties, a boost of vitamin c and has shown great response for protecting the respiratory system.

Includes: Zinc complex , Synergy Vitamin C , "Heal" Shower steamers , Pine needle elixir