New! Pine Needle "Elixir" - Eastern White Pine & Moringa Oil infusion

New! Pine Needle "Elixir" - Eastern White Pine & Moringa Oil infusion

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CALMASTE likes it for : 3rd eye, Immune System strength & fighting spike protein contagion.

This 50ml powerful antidote is the pine needle extract (pinus strobus) - (the same as what is found in the tincture sold recently, but now alcohol free) combined with the incredible Moringa Oil - or the “Tree of Life” One of the single most incredible oils on the planet.

Eastern White Pine (pinus strobus) needles are the best natural source of Suramin and contain the highest content of the sought after plant compound shikimic acid, synthesized by the pharma industry as Suramin. This prevents blood clots, protects RNA + DNA, as well as circulatory and respiratory diseases.

Pine needle oil has been used medicinally by herbalists worldwide for thousands of years and has a vast list of incredible benefits

Moringa Oil has been used to treat a myriad of ailments for centuries. It contains 92 nutrients, 46 anti-oxidants, 36 anti inflammatory agents and 18 amino acids.

This elixir is incredibly versatile as it is able to be applied topically, and can also be ingested. This allows a more gentle approach to treating children and an option for those that are alcohol free.

The elixir is small batch made and will have limited availability due to the nature of how it is made.

Extract of freshly harvested pine needles from the Eastern White Pine (pinus strobus) with an infusion of Moringa Oil.

Handcrafted and batch - made in Australia, needles are 100% organic and wild harvested in the forests of North America as well as alcohol so it is more quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. 4-5 cups tea = 1-2 drops of tincture.

Apply liberally to clean/dry skin. Common areas are the wrists - inside of elbows and the soles of feet as the skin in these areas have higher absorbancy.
Ingesting 4-6 drops daily if you prefer this option.

The abilities of Pine needle tea are due in part to the content of Vitamin C + shikimic acid (shikimate) contained within them. Pine needles are said to contain between 3 – 5 times the Vitamin C content of a large orange!

Shikimic acid or Shikimate is another exciting metabolite found within Pine needles. This compound is one of the main ingredients used to create the cold/flu medication Tamiflu. It originates from Chinese star anise where it was first isolated for medical use in the 1800’s.

Shikimic Acid can be found in Pine, Fir, Spruce and Cedar needles, although recent studies suggest that the strongest dose is found in Eastern White Pine needles (pinus strobus) and contains a higher, more potent concentration of this acid than the original source, star anise.