To say Chris Peck is a personal trainer is like saying Muhamad Ali may have been in a scuffle here and there.  The work is an art-form and he is not only well trained but intuitively brilliant at it.

   My personal experience with Chris had started as a friendship that stretched across multiple countries and periods in our lives but we've always shared an interest in self-improvement, health and wellness.

   Most recently Chris moved to the Sunshine Coast and we began training immediately. His actions were slow and methodical but were curiously triggering panic attacks (that I get often and try to conceal). "We have a bigger issue to address first" We began incorporating breathwork into the start of each session. We used techniques to almost trigger a panic attack so we could track them down, correct my movements, make me feel safe in them, and build strength and confidence at a pace that was right for me.

   I feel like shouting from the rooftops when I leave his training! They are so personal to your everyday foundations of walking and movement that you start to become so aware of your body and from then on almost everything is a workout and the improvements come quicker and quicker. I could not be happier with his work.

Move Without Pain - it seems so simple but it's life changing.

- Stacy Lobb Priebe, founder of CALMASTE