about stacy Lobb Priebe


This online oasis sprung from a lifelong interest in finding things to calm me down. I was living in fight or flight response for decades.

I was fortunate to travel internationally as a model but the stress of being “found out” that I was deffective with hyperhidrosis and anxiety, was overwhelming. An Australian makeup artist, Renata Semba, introduced me to natural remedies and so many of her tips had instant success rates. This fueled my desire to learn more. I experienced healing in so many forms from so many different cultures that all added to an interesting blend of wellness.

However when I hit 30 my entire system was going into shutdown mode. With my diet and fitness pointing to a healthy lifestyle, it made no sense that I suddenly needed to wear glasses, developed psoriasis head to toe, was losing weight & hair rapidly, would sweat to the point of chronic dehydration from my extremities, face & groin, and was having a really hard time going out in public without overthinking myself into a meltdown.

Upon moving to Australia, we discovered I had an MTHFR genetic mutation and have since been able to heal through adapting my other techniques with this new found knowledge. So much so, that I wanted to help others feel this good!

Stress on the body and mind is an unnecessary burden to carry. Let’s help each other reduce the load.