Stacy Lobb

This online oasis sprung from a lifelong interest in finding things to calm me down. I was living in fight or flight response due to an autoimmune disease discovered only recently when I hit 30 and my entire system went into shutdown mode.  I was lucky enough to travel internationally as a model but the stress of being “found out” that I was deffective with psoriasis and anxiety, was overwhelming sometimes. I was pretty hard on myself but the universe brought me to Australian makeup artist, Renata Semba, in Hamburg, Germany.

She introduced me to natural remedies and so many of her tips had instant success rates. I knew that if I hid in vices of drugs and alcohol, I could fall into a hole that I might not crawl out of. So I made it a top priority and hobby to learn more about natural remedies to heal the body from within and let that shine to the outside. With an abundance of knowledge, friends and resources I decided to share my passion here with those who may have similar issues. 

Stress on the body and mind is an unnecessary burden to carry. Let’s help each other reduce the load.

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